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Haiku in My Garden

Announcing BML’s June Challenge!  “Haiku in My Garden”

We will accept garden themed submissions until June 30th emailed to Robbie 

The Haiku team will choose 2 entries to award $15 gift certificates from local garden centers. 

We will also post the Haiku on our Poetry Blog 

“A traditional Japanese haiku is a 3-line poem with 17 syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. …Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.”

Here is a sample of a famous haiku by Matsuo Bashō.

The Old Pond

An old silent pond

A frog jumps into the pond—

Splash! Silence again.

And a few more examples to get us started…









Your Submissions!

Marijean’s Garden View:

Natures full display
laurel, iris, white and blue
wild, untamed beauty


Haiku from Hugh!

See the source image

Spicy lettuce rolls
Are the same as green on-ions
What should I call chives?

Radishes are red
Green leafy tops above ground
Underground surprise!

My mom is a creep
She is called Creeping Jenny
She is a thug plant

Pretty pink branches
It is a weeping cherry
Why is it so sad?


From Terry:

Lettuces in rows
I dreamed of my first harvest
Woodchuck ate it all


From Lynn:

My garden brings joy
Chives, parsley, birds and flowers
Serenity blooms

See the source image From Susann:

Violets and grass.
Amid a sea of lilies.
Bordered by stillness.

From Donna:

Laurels exploding
Little hoop skirts now unfurl
Dancing in the sun

Weeding is peaceful
Minds wander many landscapes
Savor the journey 

Honeybees gather
Nectar, pollen spread with care
Feeding all the world

JACK In THE PULPIT Arisaema Triphyllum Cobra Lily Shade image 0

From Lorraine:

A green stake holds up
the budding white peony
as promise unfolds.


On the banks of creeks
Jack-in-the-pulpits convene
to hear the frogs sing.

Staff Haiku 

Betty’s Musings:Image result for birds herbs bees flowers

Birds, bees, flowers, herbs
Our Haiku garden’s in bloom.
Nature lifts our souls.



From Jenny’s Garden:

Hello dahlia
you bland boring tuber root
of wondrous promiseImage result for dahlia

Do not blink an eye
or those zucchini babes
will become zuke bats

Sunflower seedlings
follow the arc of the sun
to grow grand and bright

Dearest slimy slug
Please get off my lettuces
I need a salad

In Robbie’s Garden…

Peaceful mourning doves

sleeping in the sun, wings spread.

Together always.


No church bells ringing.

No one wanders far afield.

Only birds singing.

From Dave working from home:

Green appears, beyond the window

Glass, keeps things out, keeps things in

A world of life beyond the barrier

See the source image