Brainerd Memorial Library
920 SAYBROOK ROAD, HADDAM, CT 06438     P:860.345.2204

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Board of Trustees

trusteesOfficers and Board of Trustees

Terry Twigg, President

Mary Ellen Karkutt-Kulak , Vice President
Lynne Cooper, Treasurer/Comptroller
Margaret Adams, Secretary

Myra Aronow; Pamela Crum; Cheryl Czuba; David Neal; Lorraine Riess; Terry Smith; Cindy Tillson

The Board of Trustees typically meets the 4th Tuesday each month at 7 PM

[with the exception of July and December.]


*Committees members who are not Trustees. The President of the Board (or designee) serves as an ex officio member on all Committees. Similarly, the Library Director participates in most committee work, in a non-voting capacity. Committee participation may change during the course of the year.

Building and Grounds: CoChairs: David Neal & Cindy Tillson; Myra Aronow; *Raul de Brigard; *Betsy Clifford; Lorraine Riess; *Belle Seggerman

Capital Plan: Chair: Lynne Cooper; Margaret Adams; *Pam Crum; *Raul de Brigard; *Gloria Gorton; Mary Ellen Karkutt-Kulak; Lorraine Riess

Communications: Chair: Donna Brinkerhoff

Development & Planning: Chair: Mary Ellen Karkutt-Kulak; Cheryl Czuba

Development & Planning [Events]: Co-Chairs: Empty & Donna Brinckerhoff; *Elizabeth Anderson; Lynne Cooper; *Pam Crum; Cheryl Czuba; *Holly Jarrell; *B.J. Noonan; *Doreen Staskelunas: *Deb Karpf

Finance: Chair: Lynne Cooper; Margaret Adams; *Raul de Brigard; *Marijean Conrad; Mary Ellen Karkutt-Kulak; Terry Smith

Friends: Chair: Cheryl Czuba; Secretary: *Betty Devlin; Treasurer: *Robbie Marshall

Interior Renovation: Chair: Lorraine Riess; Myra Aronow; *Brainerd Staff; *Betsy Clifford; *Marissa Lehmacher; *Lynn MacLennan; *Deborah Rutter; *Belle Segerman

Nominating: Chair: Myra Aronow

Personnel & Policy; Lynne Cooper; Terry Smith

Strategic Plan: Chair: Lynne Cooper; *Elizabeth Anderson; *Raul de Brigard; Mary Ellen Karkutt-Kulak; *Marijean Conrad

Board Minutes

Note: The Board holds 10 scheduled meetings a year, skipping July & December.

1-24-231-25-221-26-211-28-20 1-15-19 Special1- 23-181-24-2017
2-22-222-1-21 Special2-25-201-29-191-27-18
3-22-22 2-23-213-11-202-26-193-26-183-30-2017
4-26-223-23-216-23-203-26-19 5-1-184-25-2017
5-24-224-27-218-25-20 4-23-195-22-185-23-2017
6-28-225-25-219-22-205-28-19 6-26-186-27-2017
10-25-228-24-21 8-27-199-25-18 9-26-2017
11-15-229- 28-219-24-19
11-16-2111-17-2011-19-1911-27-18Special 12-13-17