Brainerd Memorial Library
920 SAYBROOK ROAD, HADDAM, CT 06438     P:860.345.2204

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Brainerd Memorial Library Mission

Brainerd Memorial Library dedicates itself to providing resources and services necessary to satisfy the lifelong learning, reading, recreational, and cultural needs of Haddam residents.  Our Public Library in Haddam contributes to the social, cultural, and intellectual life of the community through its programming and outreach activities.  We welcome individuals and businesses to explore our services in pursuits of personal, economic, and civic goals.  The Library strives to be a symbol of the town, a magnet for the community, and a gateway to all the world’s information and knowledge.

Amended and Restated Bylaws of Brainerd Memorial Library: 6/24/20


Brainerd Library Form 990

Fiscal Year 2021

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Fiscal Years 2019 & 2020

Monthly Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesdays at 7PM.

Description of Community Room and History Rooms

History Rooms:  Two spaces on the main level in the original 1906 wing of the library in traditional style with original (now decorative) fireplaces and abundant natural light.  These rooms are open to the front stairs entrance and rotunda.  Each room is suitable for groups of up to 10 persons.

Community Room: Located on the lower level and equipped with a built-in LCD projector, pull-down seven foot wide screen, PC hook-up, DVD player and a connected sound system.  The room has small sink and counter area. This space accommodates 36 seated at tables, or 65 set up auditorium-style.  Note that the room is open and contiguous to the Teen Space, which may be in use any time the library is in operation.