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BML Book Title Challenge

BML’s May 2020 Book Title Challenge: Results are in!

The winning entries [in red] were submitted by Stacey and Ellen for the longest coherent and the most amusing.

Thank you to everyone who participated and we hope you enjoyed the challenge!

Using this Internet sensation, the staff issued a challenge to create sentences from books at home.

Books read: “The English Patient had caught it on the beach.  I should have stayed home she said.  Now she was in quarantine in the dark splendid house of isolation. Still hope springs eternal. With a little bit of luck, common sense, and personal hygiene, the corona book of horror stories must end soon. Always remember, clean hands save lives, and when in doubt don’t go out!”

Our Process: 

  • We surveyed all the books in the house and wrote down potential titles.

  • Then we sat down in our comfy chair to arrange the best sentences we could;

  • Collected the books and arranged them; 

  • And photographed and emailed them with the sentence underneath.

  • Don’t forget to peruse your children’s & young adult titles!

Your Submissions…

Stacey’s Sentences & Poetry:

The Breakup

Is there anything good about men? Love and marriage, heart songs, hard times, bad love, unspeakable problems, crazy talk, stupid talk — couples feed the end of the affair, trust me. Beloved, look me in the eye: love without conditions spins impossible things – misery, quicksilver punishment. Out of time! I am crying all inside.

Animal Dreams

Dorothea dreams animal dreams: King Rat found in cold blood where the sidewalk ends; elsewhere, half broke horses still watch a feast for crows, bird by bird. Whales on stilts walk two moons; angels and demons escape the pull of the moon. Wild Noah’s ark!

Birds, Interrupted

I, Robot, still watch our mutual friend spin, chasing the hawk. Crash! – Pigeon feathers.


The warrior’s apprentice moons the girl in a swing. The idiot! Terrorist! She’s come undone.

Sing me a story! – The songs of distant earth the language of flowers beach music hugging the shore; the inextinguishable symphony.

Sky Magic at Morning

In the days of the comet (back when we were grownups), my brilliant friend Paul found a deepness in the sky. Moon going solo (pebble in the sky), the stars like dust. Magic, inherit the stars – if morning ever comes.

Extreme Dieting

I know this much is true: food rules. Today will be different: five weeks in a balloon outsmarting the midlife fat feeds a man in full.





Ellen’s Entries:

Come hell or high water, you don’t have to say you love me behind the scenes at the museum.

Celebrities remember their favorite teachers drinking with men behind the scenes at the museum.

Celebrities remember their favorite teachers practicing mandolin in the bathtub out on the porch.

Bobi’s Books:

The innocents abroad in trouble again, crossing into safety, friends, lovers, chocolate, America, life laughs last.

Annie’s Entry:

Just between us, the impossible child nickled and dimed, keeping ahead in school, left neglected. Enlighten up. Courage to change what really matters.





From the staff…

Jenny’s Painted Ladies Series:

Sentiments from Emma:

“Take heart, my child, I will keep you safe and sound. Snug as a bug, here and now. Near, far, wherever you go, there you are. Wherever you are, my love will find you.”






Lines from Laurie:

“What if in a world just right, the rest of us just live here?” 

“What if everyone poops in my bedroom?”


~A poem from Ana~

The Affable Curmudgeon

Falling off the Map




Raise Up Off Me

I’ve Seen The Future and I’m Not Going

This Is It

A Tragic Honesty

What I Know For Sure

Between The World And Me

Only Love Is Real

Wrapped In Rainbows


Autumn Light

Good Woman

Writing Toward Wholeness



The World Has Changed

In My Mind’s Eye

I’ll Take You There

Every Day by the Sun

At Your Own Risk

More irreverent lines from Jenny:

From Robbie’s shelves:

I can’t sleep. The pull of the moon rose before the rains.

What if, before the rains, even the dogs in the wild turn left at Machu Picchu?

I can’t sleep. Look who’s back: The drunken botanist himself, the druids, the blind assassin, the bastard of Isanbul, mysterious, outsider in the White House, Peter and the sword of mercy.  Now we are six.