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BML Bookmark Challenge!

BML’s Bookmark Challenge!  Ends December 15th

Choice of themes:

“I am thankful for…”  or

Your list of mood lifters [What lifts your spirits?]

Feel free to be specific!  Activities, places, music, people, things, experiences etc. that are special to you and make you happy.

Three $25 Amazon gift certificates will be awarded.

1 each for: Grades K-5 , 6-12, and Adults

How to take this challenge:

  • Use a bookmark template to design a bookmark with your choice of themes.  

  • Or pick up a blank template page to draw on at BML

  • Once you have designed your bookmark, you can either scan it to us or drop it off at the library.   Don’t forget to provide your name and contact information with your submission.

  • The library will add information on the back of the bookmarks, the designers first name and age [group] when they are copied for distribution for patrons to use and enjoy.

  • Email your bookmark design to Robbie

  • Use “bookmark” in the subject line of your email. Provide your name and address and then attach your document.

Bookmarks Submitted by Max (10) & Kody (12)

Adult Bookmark

Submitted by Hollie R.






From the Friends and staff…

First, here is a New York Times article that inspired us.  “Ideas for lifting your mood this weekend”

From Hugh L. [Age 11] and Staff & Friend Jenny L.










  The Friends                      Robert T.                                    Robbie M.